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We design and build Technology that supports organisations in sharing the spirit of the game with their customers; whether that game is played on a Field, a Court, a Pitch, in a Classroom, Lecture Theatre, an Event Centre, a Boardroom or on a Stage.



Our Brobox family of Multichannel Video Recorders enabling optimised copying of video content to USB drives in high quality H.264 for simplified distribution.

Our multichannel recorders provide clients with the ability to instantly share their live event content for review by their customers. Supporting multiple input options with our product family we aim to provide a competitive technology option to the market that addresses many everyday commercial needs.



Bringing together 3 decades of experience in Business, Design and Technology to address niche market opportunities identified on our travels through life we are Sideline Technologies.

Nick has been involved in the World of Technology for almost 20 years. Experience in the industries of Education, Entertainment and Television has been obtained through roles of Tech Support, System Engineer, Senior Operator, and Design Engineer. Nick’s industry involvement ranges from local New Zealand Productions through to large scale International Events.

It is Nick’s years of study, experience and hard work that have given him the vision as to how to combine hardware, technology and people to bring to market our family of Audio/Video Recorders.

John brings to the table almost 30 years of extremely proficient technical expertise. Beginning his career at Apple (a long, long time ago!) John has since built an un-paralleled Technical Portfolio and gained a breadth and depth of technical understanding and business experience not often seen in a single person. From top tier positions in the industries of Technology, Financial Services, Legal, Private Equity, VR and Healthcare and Sports Technology; Johns knowledge made him an ideal partner for Nick to work with to create the product.
Bridget’s career and business competencies have evolved from a background in Accounting to Software Development, Software Design and Architecture, Business Analysis, Project Management and running her own business. Her experience covers the industries of Financial Services, Legal Technology, Healthcare and Sports Technology. As a Co-founder she has been able to apply her project management, design, development and marketing skills to assist the Team with the product and all that is involved with bringing it to market.